Monday, 9 February 2004

Xanga Post: Monday, February 09, 2004

 Okay... I realise that I haven't made any posts here in over a week. But I'm on vacation so it's all good, right? Even if it IS a FORCED vacation. A forced vacation that's almost over. I CAN GO HOME SOON!  I get to see Jay in just four days! Yay! Until then, it's just me, Katie and the cats. Lol. And not even Katie because she's gone from 9:30-8:00. It's just me and the cats. Lol. "I was all by myself... I was thinking of you..." Lol. Wait, who sang that?

Did I mention that our house caught on fire the day before I left? Yup. It was freaky. Jay's mum left the house while she was cooking and forgot to turn the cooker off. Now, we have no cooker. Oopsies. But, our house didn't burn down and no one got hurt so it's all good. (Jay and Sean beat the fire down with our bath towels btw.) The best part of the whole thing? The neighbour leaning over the fence and saying, "Is something on fire?" while we had black smoke billowing out of our house and we were all gasping for air. The second best part of the whole thing? The three of us, in varying degrees of soot, going to get a Chinese because our dinner was ruined. The scariest part of the whole thing? Jay and Sean laughing hysterically while their mum burst into tears over her ruined kitchen. (Did you ever notice that nothing NORMAL happens when I'm around? Lol.)

My plane ride was actually okay. I did learn that I can't read on planes though. UGH. Apparently that whole motion sickness thing applies to planes too. I got searched too getting on. I mean, take your shoes off, give me your coat and bag type searched. Not, I think you have drugs please step into this room and drop your pants searched. Lol. I did wonder what they thought I was hiding in my shoes though. I left the crochet needle in my suitcase and that was the most dangerous object I had with me. This time, though, I'm taking my bead case and spiffy new crohook back with me too. This should be fun. And, oh, yeah...My plane lands on Friday the 13. Grreeeaaattt. And why does everyone keep laughing at me when I tell them that? Like it's FUNNY that my plane could go hurdling thousands of feet to a fiery death! Ha. Ha. Ha. But I refuse to get paranoid about it...Flying is the safest form of transport. (See...If I keep telling myself that...It'll be okay. Lol.) It's a seven and a half hour flight overnight but I don't care because Jay will be there in London to pick me up.  Poor Jay. He has to get up SO early to get to Gatwick on time...

So I've seen all of my friends and even my brother which was a total suprise. I called my parents to see if they wanted to see me but they got all bitchy with me. But you know what? I'm getting sick of trying with them anyway. Everytime I try to be civil to them and keep communication channels open (Even though they kicked me out and disowned me and all that...) they basically tell me to go to hell. So, fuck them I say. And, everyone that I've talked to agrees. Everytime I talk to them I feel worse about myself and I haven't done anything wrong. Except for fall madly in love with a man I'm willing to travel the world over for. Which, maybe to a bunch of gun totting, backwards thinking, republican, neo nazi pigs, is a bad thing. I, on the other hand, am a million times happier for it and if that means not having said gun totting, backwards thinking, republican, neonazi pigs in my life...Well, so be it. And that's my two pence worth on that.

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