Sunday, 15 February 2004

Xanga Post: Sunday, February 15, 2004

Round Trip plane ticket to Michigan: £244

Spending cash for trip: £200

Walking into the arms of the man you love after two weeks away: Priceless

It's damned good to be home.

When I got home Friday I felt like walking around going "hello door", "hello couch", "hello stairs", "hello burnt kitchen stove"...but, by the time I got home, I was too tired to say much of anything.

This is the part where I explain that my plane landed at 9:45am and we got home around 5pm. I should also explain that I'd been up since 8am Thursday. And, that I was detained for over 2 1/2 hours at the airport. I'm now officially an "immigration case" to the British government.

I got stopped at customs and asked about a million questions. Then, the girl that was questioning me, got my suitcases and searched them all. After she decided that nothing in my luggage was dangerous or dodgy, she told me to have a seat while she called Jay.

An hour and a half later...*groan*...she came back to tell me that before she'd talked to Jay and the Chief Immigration Official, she had no intention of letting me back into the country. That was a scary thought!

So, she gave me a six month tourist visa and told me that Jay and I have three to four months to start applying for a fiancée visa because after the six months is up, if Jay and I aren't engaged or married, I won't be allowed back. But then I got to go and meet Jay and that was better than good. It was a huge relief to see him again. (I know ya'll think I'm overly sappy, but being that far away from Jay for that long was hellish.) I'm so happy to be home and be with Jay again.

We had a small Valentine's Day. Since we were both stressed from the fiasco at the airport and money is tight and everything, we just exchanged small pressies and had McDonald's. (Actually, we've had four McDonald's in two days. LOL.) I got a HUGE card and a soft plushie.

Jay's brother and his friend Lurk showed up last night and I was SO not happy about that. But, Jay was so sweet and it was obvious that he didn't mean for them to come up so I didn't have the heart to complain. (I couldn't resist the odd barb at Lurk but... It's Lurk. Lol.) I was happy just to be with Jay on Valentine's Day.  Well, on any day for that matter. I love you, Jay.

Well, I have a movie to finish and a crohook project to start before the dogs' walk...See ya...

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