Sunday, 22 February 2004

Xanga Post: Sunday, February 22, 2004

I haven't posted in awhile because I've been a busy girl!

I had to call the American Embassy and the British Counselate to sort out the legal stuff so Jay and I can get married. (In four months. Yay!  *happy dance* I'm so excited! ...Don't worry...we're doing the big wedding thing a year after... If you're trying to figure out how Wondra Davies sounds, don't...It's gonna be Vanian... Lol. )

Thursday, I went with Jay's mum (She calls me her Yankee daughter-in-law. Lol.) to buy a new cooker for our kitchen (If you're just tuning in, we had a kitchen fire three weeks ago.) and we ended up buying a new VCR for me and Jay too! (And a McDonald's!) So now we have our new VCR, TV and entertainment stand all set up. Wahoo. (And we can have the old ones upstairs for our room. Score!)

Yesterday, Jay and I went to Cardiff and got 'Allo 'Allo and then went to Liam's (Jay's nephew) birthday party. (Not to mention McDonald's. Lol.)

I met Jay's grandma for the first time yesterday. She was, well, not very grandmotherly. They hadn't seen each other in a long time and she acted like she didn't even care that he was there or that he told her we were getting married. I guess it's because Jay and his dad (her son) don't get along very well.

Well, not well at all. But, his dad wasn't there. I probably won't even meet his dad. Not until after we're married, anyway. I understand the whole family thing though. I mean, look at mine.

Anyway, we went to Sean's afterwards too and I got to play with their new kitten. It's a pedigree Persian and it's SO cute! It's only three and a half months old but it's HUGE. And guess what... We're getting a kitten in three months now! It's a Ragdoll. The kittens are being born at the beginning of next month and we get to go pick it out then. (A husband and a kitten... How lucky am I? )

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