Monday, 14 June 2004

Xanga Post: Monday, June 14, 2004

I finally beat the crossword challenge! Huzzah! (With the help of Katie and Jay's mum... Lol.) Jay had to pay up and bought me a new Living Dead Doll. (Season Seven: Lust) Yay! Now, if I beat the crossword, I get TWO LDDs. When's the next time I'll have another English major around? Lol.

Jay's mum pierced her nose today!  Lol. I guess at 54 she decided to "grow old disgracefully"... It looks really cute though. (How cool is this family?)

Katie and I went with Jay's mum to look at the kittens that Luna's mom had a few weeks ago and they were SO cute! They were all black streaked with orange and had huge blue eyes...*Awww* Unfortunately, they were all spoken for this time so no new kittens for us...

We went to Cardiff Castle today but it was really disappointing. You had to pay £6 for a guided tour and couldn't even take pictures. So, Katie and I decided to just pay £3 and walk around the grounds. It was really annoying that we couldn't tour the really nice parts of the castle. Sucko.

We could go see part of the Roman wall that was left but that was freaky because there was an evil mural on the wall opposite. It was suppose to be of Roman life from that time but to me it was a bunch of freaky looking carvings just waiting to come alive and eat me. (I'm watching too many horror movies...) It didn't help that it was all enclosed, dark and cold.

We also toured the Military Museum but that was freaky too. There were all these creepy mannequins that leered out of the corner of their eyes at you. The Nazi chair in the corner didn't help... After that, we decided to skip Cardiff Museum and get McDonald's instead...

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