Monday, 12 July 2004

Xanga Post: Monday, July 12, 2004

Jay's been on his new shift at work for a week now and still hates it. (It's that whole morning, daylight thing...Lol.) I like it...Of course, I get to sleep in a bit when he goes to work and he's actually home the whole afternoon so how could I not? Lol.

We might be getting another kitten after all. The family that owns Luna's mum might've changed their minds about keeping the boy instead of the girl which works in our favour. (Jay's mum says we can only get another boy and not another girl.) We should find out within the week...

Speaking of allergies... Lol. I finally got to see my new doctor here. Fun hour long wait in reception, not to mention peeing in a tube... But, anyway... I got some stuff for my allergies that actually WORKS. I can breathe AND play with the cats. Oh, the fun. Lol.

Egg brought up a machine last night that makes noises when you push a button on a remote...We set it to meow and hid it under some laundry in Sue's room when she went to walk the dogs. When she came back in and started watching TV, we started hitting the button to make it meow...She muted her TV and started looking for it while we watched her through the door and tried (unsuccessfully) not to laugh. Lol. She even came in with this panicked look on her face and told us she could hear a cat and couldn't find it. I had to go "help her look for it" and everything. Well, when she found the box she almost killed us all. I won't even repeat the words she called us. Lol.

To get us back, I assume, Sean brought up this nasty doll that's made to smell like puke. It's RANK. Of course, he didn't TELL us he had it, he just opened the box and let the room fill with pukey smell. Eewww....

We got an annoying bit of news...I could've been working these last eleven months due to a loophole in British law. All I had to do was make sure Jay got my paychecks....The government thinks he's got two jobs and it's all good. Of course, we find this out NOW when it doesn't do us any good. Ah, well. Just one month until we have to go back to the states and get my perm. visa.

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