Sunday, 25 July 2004

Xanga Post: Sunday, July 25, 2004

Today Jay's mum and I got up early and went to The Big Cheese Festival in Caerphilly. (Caerphilly's suppose to be famous for it's cheese.) It rocked so much. It was like a Ren Faire, Garden Show, Craft Show, Fun Faire, and Cooking Show all rolled into one!

And there were tons and tons of people there!

I got so many ideas for crafts that I want to try! Not to mention 7 books for £1.50! *uber happy dance* There wasn't a lot of cheese to taste (except goat's cheese and EWWW.) so that was disappointing. (I skipped on the booze tasting part... My stomach was way too empty and it was way too early in the day.) We got fresh Welsh Cakes right off the pan and they were so yummy.  We chatted with a bunch of the local sellers and Sue bought plants. (Mmm... Lavendar plants for me to harvest.)

There were people dressed in period garb all over the place and it made me wish I had my costume with me. There people jousting and playing the harp and spinning wool and all sorts of things. There was an animal display that I absolutely went mad for. They had owls from a local rescue place that the kiddies could hold (I was tempted but I let the kiddies have their fun.) and even a dragon from a reptile shelter (That was pretty much an "I want, I want, I want" situation.).

The castle was open for free tours so we had a wander around and watched a bunch of women doing old fashioned dancing in the Great Hall. (Of course, I had to buy my hubby some sweeties on the way out. Lol.) Anyway, it was a kick butt day but I'm exhausted so ciao.

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