Friday, 4 March 2005

The Great Neopian Tattoo Adventure

Jay promised to take me to get a tattoo as a Valentine's Day present. Between Jay being available and me getting time off, we didn't get in until yesterday.

We made our way into Newport and walked (ten minutes) to the tattoo parlour. I was more worried at that point about needing to pee than the tattoo itself but that didn't last long. The tattooist wouldn't let Jay come in with us so that was a major bummer. (I borrowed a digital camera for work so he could take pictures of me being in extreme pain.) I wanted to hold his hand!

I was pretty brave until I actually sat in the chair and the guy started tuning up the needle. That's when I freaked out. I thought I was going to chicken out. But, I bit my lip and went ahead with it. He stuck the pattern to my back and let me look in the mirror to see what it would look like. My response was Awwww. Lol.

Well, I sat back down in the Chair of Doom and he started the tattoo. It wasn't very bad... at first.

At first it was a bit like having a high powered vibrator strapped to my shoulder. But, the longer it went on, the more it hurt. Jay said that it was the opposite way with his tattoos but I always had to be difficult. It didn't help that the big tattooist was whistling along (operatically) to pop music and straddling me. That guy enjoys his job way too much!

Anyway, I was good for about fifteen minutes and then I had to ask for a break because I was afraid I'd either throw up or pass out. Or both. I even started to retch into a bin but dignity won out in the end and I didn't throw up. Phew. (Jay was laughing silently in the other room.)

After another ten minutes, I had to have another break because I was feeling sick again. Luckily, there was only about five minutes to go after that.

I turned out great! It's so adorable! I'm so glad I did it and it barely hurts at all now. (It's not even scabbing yet.) But, I don't think I'll ever get another one! Lol.

Jay and I spent a few hours wandering around (and laughing at me) after that. We picked up a mother's day present for his mum, a Nitendo 64 remote to go with the system due to arrive any day and some other random stuff. We grabbed a McDonald's on the way home and finished the afternoon off with Weakest Link and a nap. Bliss.

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