Monday, 21 March 2005

Xanga Post: Monday, March 21, 2005

You know, at any other time, eating nothing but popsicles would rock. Not quite the case now.

I have a bad ulcer on my cheek and can barely eat or speak. Not so great with the call centre job. Ouch. I've eaten more popsicles in one weekend than I have all year. I'm also very drugged up on painkillers and Anbesol. (Which stings twice as badly to use as the ulcer does.)

I spent twenty minutes on the phone trying to get in to see a doctor but with no luck. What's the point of public health care if they don't provide any care?

Wales won the Grand Slam this weekend. This means nothing to most of you reading this but in the rugby world, that's pretty huge. And poor ickle Jay had to work during the game.

I worked harder on Saturday than I did all week. Sue and I cleared out most of the garden. Lots of hoeing and bagging. (That sounds so wrong) I did make a nice little fire pit though so there will be roasted marshmallows aplenty in the coming days.

And, least I forget, a very Happy Ostara to all.

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