Sunday, 27 March 2005

Xanga Post: Sunday, March 27, 2005

So Jay says he'll be home by seven and conveniently forgets to tell me that the clocks change....So he gets home at eight instead and I have no idea. Hmm. I'm sure there's a good reason to beat him in there somewhere.

Anywho, big car boot sale this morning. Well, car boot sale/market. Pretty good. I got four books (Bridget Jones's Diary, The Last Vampire, Witch, and The Email Joke Book.)... Slowly rebuilding my library. Yay! Also, picked up bits and pieces for Jay but missed out on the things I really wanted to get for him. Sucko. Got a nifty denim jacket for two quid. Sweet.

Nearly died on the way home. A few horses got free from the gypsy camp and were running riot in the road so we swung around to help hunt them down. I jumped out of the car and ran after one of the horses...Until I realised that if I actually caught it, it would probably kill me. I'm smart like that. So, I ran back to the car. Luckily, I made so much noise that the bloody thing ran back the way it was suppose to. Result. (Meanwhile, my throat closed up and it got hard to breathe.)

Yay for Two Easter eggs. Doesn't beat a good old fashioned Easter basket but it's nice. Plus, I can break my diet for it. Wahoo. Too much food...Had turkey instead of ham, like you do here.

Still trying to get rid of fun and interesting rash (not in any gross places so don't even think it)... You help out in the garden, you get a rash. Doesn't sound like a fair trade to me. Well, I guess this proves it. I'm allergic to nature.

The new Doctor absolutely rocks. It was fun and fast paced and I can't wait to see next week. C.E. wasn't exactly Tom Baker but he didn't pretty well. And lol to the killer wheelie bin. (If you're American, you have no idea what I'm talking about at this stage.)

Convention next weekend. Plus, my first Writer's Group meeting the Monday after. Wish me all sorts of luck.

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