Monday, 5 September 2005

Xanga Post: Monday, September 05, 2005

Omg. Jay made me cry. In a good way. He took a walk with Sean down the canal while I went to pick Lindsay up from the airport. He told me that they reached a bend and saw a heron perched in the centre of the canal and he said that it upset him because he was there with his brother and not me. That he knew I would've loved it. I think that is one of the most romantic things he's ever said to me. I love that man.

Lindsay is here and we're having a good time. The ride back from the airport was a bit of a fiasco because Alun got us lost. It was almost 3am when I walked through the front door. I haven't really gotten much time alone with Jay but the moments we have stolen have been really special.

It seems that we haven't really done much, Lindsay and I. We went out Friday night with Alun (because Jay and Egg were having their normal Friday night veg-fest) and had a few drinks. We wandered around a bit on the Scenic Drive Saturday night after Jay took us to Cardiff. There was a cute little stream trail we followed that I'd never seen before. That was nice. Sue's taking us up the Drive properly later this week.

Sue took us to a car boot sale yesterday as well. That was fun. I managed to find Sooty and Sweep tapes and a Sweep puppet for Jay. I was so proud.

Now, I'm in work. Bummer. But, I promised I would so.... Blah. Jay and Lindsay might meet me for lunch though and that'll brighten my day! Then, it's off to Club tonight.

We had Sean staying with us for the weekend because he's having a bit of trouble at home. He's gone now but I think he's coming to stay with us again over next weekend. I have to admit, Sean actually said something like, "Sorry I'm intruding, I know you and Jay don't get much time together as it is." I was pretty impressed by that.

Lindsay thought I'd gone a bit goofy in the head last night. I'd rolled a fag for Jay and we were walking up and down the lane with the dogs, waiting for him to get home. Well, without thinking about it, I was conducting with Jay's fag! Lol. (You know that really annoying song  we played in HS where the third clarinets played the same three notes the WHOLE song and everyone else in the bloody band has this beautiful melody? That one.)

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