Monday, 19 September 2005

Xanga Post: Monday, September 19, 2005

Interesting sort of weekend.

I had to go home early on Friday (oh darn) because all the lights in our house had blown. So, I left about two hours early and caught a bus home to wait for the electrician. Out of all the crazy people in Wales - and there are a fair few - I got stuck next to the one crazy person on the bus who wanted to sell me Jesus.


I thought she was all nice and normal, talking about nice, normal stuff and then... Wham. I knew I was in trouble when she said she was married to a street preacher. But it was too late. Then, the dreaded question: "How do you feel about Heaven and Hell? I mean, I know which one you're GOING TO, but which one WOULD you like to go to?"

Oh, Goddess, save me.

Then, I got home and met Britain's snobbiest man. What sort of electrician is afraid of getting his hands dirty?

He was about sixty years old and the first thing he said was, "Before you take another step, you must know that I don't like dogs. I'm allergic." Me, being the smart ass I am, replied with "So? So am I." He was all looking down his nose at our house the whole time and when I had to open the door to Sue's lounge to turn the light on, he nearly had a fit. "I DON'T LIKE DOGS!"

I can't tell you how much I didn't like that guy. Then, he went back to Sue's insurance company and reported us for a bunch of shit that wasn't even true. Like, he couldn't get access to what he needed, which is bullshit. Anywho, Sue's insurance company have told her that they won't pay a penny for anything because the fixtures and wiring are "ancient and dangerous." Which, sadly, is true. But, Sue only opened the policy last year and never needed it before now. Anyway, Jay and I have been saying for ages that she needs to have the electrics redone but it COSTS MONEY so she won't. Even if it means we all die.

I was really unfair to Jay this weekend.  I was so grouchy and mean. I really want to make it up to him, since it wasn't really his fault, just me having the grumps on. I'm such an awful wife sometimes. Why can't I be good enough for him? It seems like I'm always doing something to screw things up. I just want him to be happy and sometimes it seems like the one thing standing in his way is me.  Why am I such a screw up?

Sean and Alun invited themselves up on Sunday. I woke up all grouchy because I was expecting to be stuck home all day with them there. And then Jay was like, come on, we're getting out of here. I'm not living my life for them. It was amazing. I was so proud of him at that moment. So, we went out for a drive, just spending time together. Then, we went up the Scenic Drive and just sat and talked. It was really nice. I wish I wouldn't have ruined it by being so unfair to Jay.

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