Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Xanga Post: Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jay and I watched Casper last night. Omg. It was scary. I was like, "You know... When this movie came out, I was young enough to have a crush on that boy!" Lol. And then I felt SO OLD. Omg, can you please slow down time?? I'll be having babies before you know it. Then watching them go to school and then graduation and then... Sheesh. Fright fest.

Sue's had to take Shushkin in to the vet today. His paw is three times its normal size and he's not eating. What is it, hell year for pet owners?

I've got two penpals off crafster.  I'm such a geek, right? (The other night Jay looked at me and said, "You're the absolute embodiment of geekiness." I was so proud.  I'm a complete geek and he loves me anyway.)

I've gotten a couple of emails from Lindsay now. I'll be honest: It's making me uncomfortable. I don't want to be flat out rude to her but I don't think I want to see her again. I know that if she came to visit it would be horribly uncomfortable. Not just for me, but for everyone else. *sigh* How to handle that one?

I'd much rather get emails from my real friends. *cough, cough*

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