Monday, 19 December 2005

Xanga Post: Monday, December 19, 2005

Guy at work: Pigeons are disgusting.
Me: I like pigeons. They're beautiful.
GAW: But they spread disease.
Me: No more than humans.
GAW: Not to the extent that they do.
Me: Ever met a pigeon with AIDS?

Me <----- Hippy dippy tree hugger and proud of it.

Had our holiday party tonight at Club. I'm stuffed. Lol. I made chocolate covered pretzels. For once, my cooking was a smash. :)

Jay bought me new moos. I was SO tired last night coming home from work (twelve hours!) and he came in and made me a cuppa and everything. Then, he gave me FOUR new moos. Three ickle ones and a giant one (King Moo).

Ever tried typing with SEVEN (Yes, the holy SEVEN *wink*) cows, a gorilla, 1 TMNT, an autopsy baby and a heffelump staring at you? I can see me having nightmares...

Hey, while you're here, post your favourite memory of Wondra! :)

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