Friday, 5 May 2006

Xanga Post: Friday, May 05, 2006

I locked myself out of the house today.

Yup. That was dumb.

I took Ra, our oldest lizard (11), out to bask in the sun 'cause it was so nice and shut the door because I didn't want Boo to get outside and try to eat him. Only, I forgot our front door actually LOCKS now. Oops.

I was sort of panicky 'cause... Poor old Ra and all. Plus, I was only wearing pjs and a dressing gown. Yikes. In the end, I had to put Ra in the recycling bin and used bits of the broken glass panes from the greenhouse to cover it (cats, birds, etc) while I went next door to see if I could use their phone. Eventually, Sue came home to rescue me... Two hours later.

And would you believe I spent all that time out in the sun without a tan or sunburn? My freckles multiplied by like a hundred though.

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