Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Crafty Goals 2010

With only 10 days left of 2010 (thank the gods!), I thought I'd have a look at my Crafty Goals for 2010 (originally posted to a friends only journal). How did I do? Well... Maybe I was a bit ambitious?

1. Attempt to make one decent fimo creation
2. Complete my latch hook kit
3. Complete an altered journal
4. Complete a crohook project
5. Cook/bake something new every month Well, no BUT I have cooked more which I consider a success.
6. Craft something for each of my friends
7. Craft a Repo! craft
8. Craft a Star Trek craft
9. Craft a Mario/Zelda craft
10. Craft a Dr who craft
11. Craft for a craft fayre/show
12. Crochet anything amigurumi
13. Crochet a blanket for charity 50%
14. Crochet a lovespoon
15. Crochet at least one set of bangles
16. Crochet at least one headband
17. Crochet at least 12 granny squares
18. Crochet a bag/purse
19. Crochet a water bottle holder
20. Cross stitch a sampler
21. Cross stitch something Mario
22. Have a serious attempt at gardening
23. Join 10 swaps 9/10
24. Knit something ROUND
25. Knit at least one dishcloth
26. Learn a new craft
27. Learn a new papercraft
28. Make hand warmers
29. Make a dozen ATCs
30. Make a couple chunky houses
31. Make an altered puzzle
32. Make a magazine bowl
33. Make a zine
34. Make (stock) felt ornaments
35. Make a gift for preggo friend But I LOST it so it doesn't count.
36. Make a gift for moving friend
37. Make 2 dozen promo items
38. Make a submission to The Sampler
39. Make chinchilla/rat toys
40. Make a terrarium
41. Needle felt a big project
42. Needle felt a set of rainbow bangles
43. Paint ONE thing that doesn't completely suck
44. Recon a tee-shirt
45. Recon a My Little Pony
47. Revamp my etsy (handmade) shop
48. Sew geek brooches: floppy disk, Pac-Man set, triforce, etc
49. Sew (restock) Happy Little Uterus Plushies
50. Sew Happy Little Floppy Disk
51. Sew Happy Little Acorn Plushie
52. Sew Goddess dolls
53. Start a quilt/Learn to quilt
54. Start a tee-shirt quilt (completely different, of course)
55. Stencil 2x canvas totes
56. Thrifty recons
57. Try home made dog treats
58. Try making inchies
59. Try origami
60. Try book binding
61. Try cardboard weaving
62. Try making my own paper
63. Make a dottee
64. Make a needle felted bowl

Yep. I should be ashamed of myself. So have I done ANYTHING crafty this year? Not as much as I'd like, that's for sure.

Let's end the year on a positive note (the year ending is positive enough on its own!)... What I HAVE accomplished this year:

1. Needle felted a Pac-Man & Blinky
2. Needle felted bangles
3. Needle felted a Mario 1UP bag
4. Painted a mini set of Space Invaders
5. Made 2 dottees
6. Made 3 charm bracelets
7. Needle felted a set of bowls
8. Sewed an owl brooch
9. Painted a Pac-Man box
10. Crocheted 3 stuffed toy hammocks
11. Sewed a sugar skull
12. Needle felted a double decker purse
13. Made a lacy cuff bracelet
14. Crocheted a necklace
15. Crocheted a set of bangles
16. Crocheted four scrunchies
17. Cross stitched dirty words
18. Crocheted a bag
19. Crocheted 3 pairs of slippers
20. Made fibre wrapped bangles
21. Crocheted a lap blanket
22. Tried 5 new recipes

Huh. When you put it that way... I'm actually quite proud of how much I accomplished this year. :) You can check out some of these projects on facebook.

I guess it's time to start thinking about how much I want - REALLY want - to accomplish in 2011...

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