Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My poor car...

I got a bit of a nasty surprise yesterday when I went down to my car.

Someone totally busted out the passenger side window. The cars in our lane all park along the road and that was the side that faced into the trees on the side. No other cars were damaged in any way.

I suspect it's one of our two good-for-nothing neighbours. Neighbour Number One has had a feud going with the MIL for the past twenty years because when he was married, he use to beat his wife and she would run over here and call the police. Neighbour Number One constantly calls the Council on us to report us for things that we haven't done.

Neighbour Number Two commits benefits fraud. She gets disability payments from the government and a free car when there's nothing actually wrong with her. She carries a cane sometimes but never uses it and is often seen lifting heavy items out of her garage. Their trees hang over our path and, when they finally trim them, they always leave the rubbish all over our path. (Which immediatly gets thrown back over their side of the fence.)

We haven't been driving our car and have left it parked outside OUR HOUSE which Neighbour Number Two doesn't like because that's where Mr. Neighbour Number Two likes to park his car. (Normally we have to park several spaces away from our house because Mr. Neighbour Number Two and Mrs. Neighbour Number Two and Nieghbour Number One take up five parking spots between them with their crappy parking.)

Oh... Did I mention WHY I think it's one of these people? Because nothing was stolen. The glove compartment was rifled through a bit but none of the CDs, CD player or any of the props we keep in the car were touched. They didn't mess with the locking mechanism or anything. If it was a thief, they would have taken something, if it was a kid, they would have stolen it to go joyriding. OBVIOUSLY, it was someone with an axe to grind.

And now I'm really pissed off.


  1. Did you report it? It seems like the police could get fingerprints or something to link it to a suspect.

  2. Yeah... They said they'd "make enquiries." Of course, we haven't seen a cop around making such enquiries but still...