Thursday, 2 June 2011

Concerts. Whoot!

Well! Mr. Vanian and I have had the pleasure of attending two concerts in one month! That's very unusal for us. Money is normally so tight that we can't even dream about attending concerts. BUT, it IS The Monkees' 45th anniversary and it IS Adam Ant's come-back tour so how could we resist?

The Monkees tickets we got were THE BEST. For real. We were front row, centre and it was freaking awesome. Freaking awesome - and freaking loud. Lol. Afterward, my ears felt like they'd had cotton wool jammed down in them. Who knew three old blokes could belt out music that loudly?

Did I mention how awesome The Monkees are? I saw them about ten years ago with my friends but that was an open-air concert and this was a proper sit-down concert. And, this time, Peter, Mickey and Davy were all there. (Last time I saw them, only Davy and Mickey were.) Stupid Mike Nesmith; he never shows up anywhere. *pout*

They played so many of their big hits - I can't think of anything they left out. They even did my favourite, 'Going Down' which featured a really awesome solo from a barry saxaphone. Mr. Vanian didn't really know a whole lot of the songs but he finally loosened up a little bit at the end and even danced with us - a very little bit.

Our tickets were "meet and greet" tickets which meant that after the show, we got hearded out into the lobby to meet the boys. The only thing that disappointed me a tiny bit was that the organizers really rushed us along. We barely had time to say "hello" before we were rushed out the door. Boo. If I pay £100 to meet someone, I want a chat, dammit!

(I'd already met Peter Tork once before, anyway.)

The Adam Ant concert was not a comfy, sit-down concert. It was held in a bit of a dive and was "standing only" event. I was surprised that he was playing in such a place because he was a huge, huge star in this country back in the day. How the mighty fall, eh?

But, hey, the drinks were cheap. :)

There were ALL KINDS of people there from my age on up to their sixties! And people of all shapes and sizes were dressed up in Adam Ant style costumes. (Not as many as there were back in the 1990's when Mr. Vanian saw him last but still a fair few.)

At the start of the concert, we tried to get close to the stage to see if we could get any good photos but the camera I was using (my MIL's, borrowed) was pretty crappy. Plus, I was getting really grumpy at the stupid, slutty, loud, annoying girls around us and Mr. Vanian was getting overheated so we moved way back. And guess what?

Being at the back was WAY BETTER. I found a window that I could climb up into and plunked my butt right down. I was at a higher vantage point (hey, being short sucks) and could rest my camera on a ledge about my head. Win. Plus, Mr. Vanian wasn't in as much danger of melting.

Oh... And we could watch the freaks making freaks of themselves. Wow. You would not believe how weird some of these people were. I couldn't resist taking a video or two of their bizarre dances. (Or they may have been mating rituals... I'm not sure.) There's a good chance of them ending up on youtube. (If I ever figure out how to turn the volume down on them.)

Anywho... We had a great time at both concerts and I'm glad we got to go. :)


  1. Our trip to "Detroit" to see The Monkees is still a fun memory. I am happy (and jealous) you got to see them again!

  2. Ha. Yeah... And The Great Lakes Crossing Mall. That was a good day. :)