Monday, 8 August 2011

The Four Week Hunt for a Dining Table

Mr. Vanian and I are about to make our first furniture purchase as a couple. (Yikes.) The only problem with that is we're close to flat broke. Lol.

Since I moved in with Mr. Vanian and his mother eight years ago, we've eaten meals whever we could take them: standing in the kitchen, on the sofa, etc. etc. because there's no dining table in the house. At the time, there was a very practical reason for that: we had a lounge and his mother had a lounge. Why create fights over what to watch on telly if you don't have to, right? And there was no way we could cuddle with her watching on all the time. It suited us - at the time - to have two lounges instead of a dining room.

But now Mr. Vanian's mom is gone. We're doing our best to make the house our own on the almost non-existent budget we have. The first step of that is creating a dining room so we can FINALLY sit down and enjoy our meals together. (And, have some place to do homework and craft, I might add.) We've been looking for a second hand dining table for about a month now and haven't really been able to find anything suitable. There's been a small amount of bickering as well since we don't really agree on style most of the time. Then there's size - I would have gotten a 2-seater while Mr. Vanian insisted on a 4-seater. And, finally, there's money. You can't find many dining tables for the price we have in mind - even second hand ones.

But we didn't give up. Ebay has been our biggest friend in the hunt for a dining table. Unluckily, most of the ones we liked were too far away to make them practical to go and collect.

Eventually, we agreed on a table that's close, second hand and has next to no style at all to argue about and is just the right size. It's perfect for a poor couple's first dining table:

Just one problem... There's still a day and a half left to go on the auction. Can we get to the end without going over our stupidly small budget? Goddess, I hope so! I am so freaking ready to eat like normal people! I'll keep you posted on how it goes...

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