Friday, 5 August 2011

A Lunch Box Tip From Aunty Wondra - And Pinterest

About three or four months ago I dedcided it was about damned time that I started "brown bagging it" at work. The cafeteria at my work is only open until 2.30 - and I don't start until 12 - so getting dinner before they closed meant eating really early or trying to cram it into a 15 minute break which made me feel exceptionally yucky.

Oh... And it was stupidly expensive.

My other option was to walk down to ASDA in my hour long break which gave me plenty of time to get food but not eat it. Also, not that cheap.

(I won't even mention the perils of the local McDonalds. Ugh.)

So I embarked on the path of The Lunch Box. (Brown bags are SO not-green. Lol.) Since then, I've been looking for cool ideas to fill my lunch box with. Where else would I turn for such inspiration but pinterest?

One of the most handy things I found was how to preserve sliced apples so you don't have to pay through the nose for those pre-packaged ones from the store. (And also avoid the embaressment of having apple juice dribbling down your chin. Just saying.) The advice was to soak the apple slices in apple juice for ten minutes. It also suggested a lemon lime pop. I figured there was only one way to determine which one was better.

Interestly, I only had Cherry 7UP to use for this little experiment and now I don't use anything else. The pop leaves the slightest hint of a cherry taste on the apples and it's actually really nice. I thought it was just me but I made Mr. Vanian try both the apple juice soaked ones and the Cherry 7UP soaked ones and he prefered the 7UP ones too.

I guess it's the acid or something that makes it work, blah blah blah... I don't really care so long as it does work. I left them (covered, obviously) for about five hours before I went back to them and they'd only just started to get a bit yellow. The apple soaked ones start to turn first.

For more helpful ideas from other pinterest users, check out my board, Brilliant Ideas.

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