Saturday, 6 August 2011

Slimline Quaddie Lunchbox

Yesterday I mentioned that I've been packing my lunch (or dinner, whatever you want to call it) for the last few months. I have a lunch box/bag but it's kind of bulky and isn't really the best design and it's so bottom heavy that the top flap (where the handle is located) comes undone if there's too much in it. Boo.

Something that I've been wanting to try for AGES is bento. (Bento is a Japenese-style packed lunch.) There have been a few things that have put me off trying it:

1. In most of the recipes (being Japenese) there are an awful lot of fish and raw veg. Mer. I don't eat anything that once dwelled on the bottom of a lake.
2. Bento boxes get kind of expensive and I don't really like the style of most of them. They're pretty, sure, but not practical for someone like me who breaks stuff just by looking at it.
3. Making cute little shapes and things out of food is time consuming.

Well, I've tackled ONE of those excuses reasons. I found something called a Slimline Quaddie Lunchbox at my local ASDA store. It has three smaller compartments on the top and one larger compartment on the bottom AND it's plastic which means it's totally Wondra-proof. :)

(Mine's black 'cause I'm so emo like that. Lol.)

I got it for a few quid cheaper than it would have been elsewhere because of the back-to-school sale at ASDA which makes me happy. Plus, a bento box of the same basic size and shape would have cost at least twice the price.

Now... I just need to tackle those other two little problems - laziness being the hardest. Can I axe the fish & vegginess of bento and create my own American-stuck-in-Britain style? We'll see...

Some of my favourite bento ideas are (where else?) on pinterest.

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