Thursday, 4 August 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Doxie

My mother-in-law always wanted to buy a daschund. She's always say that when she retired, she'd go ahead and buy one. Then she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. When she came out of the hospital, confined to a wheelchair/bed for the rest of her life, Mr. Vanian and I decided we had to do something to lift her spirits. Being stuck in one room can get pretty lonely, so we decided that a daschund would be the perfect company for her.

Of course, we didn't realise how expensive they are! I balked at paying over £500 for a stupid little rat dog that we would be stuck with for the rest of our lives but Mr. Vanian argued that it would make his mom exceptionally happy so I gave in and we bought her a miniature short-haired daschund puppy that was about 3 months old. Mr. Vanian was right, of course. His mom bawled, she was so happy. She said it was the best gift she'd ever gotten which made us bawl too.

Did our little daschund grow on me? Hell, yes. I fucking adore this dog. Lol. I was never into small yapper type dogs because I always thought they were neurotic, you couldn't play rough with them, etc. etc. - the list goes on. I was so wrong. Now, I would recommend a daschund to any one and every one. Having a daschund is kind of like having a nice cat. Lol.

But, if you need a better reason for getting a doxie, I'll give you ten:











And in case subtlety isn't your thing... This post was just an excuse for me to brag about my fucking awesome dog. :)

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  1. Aw! What a cutie. I am sure Jay's mum loved it. I love how you made your list a photo essay!