Monday, 16 January 2012

Tackling the Monster.

I've been waiting for the DH to clear out his mom's room for six months now. I didn't press him - for obvious reasons. But six months is long enough. So, I waded in and started to do it myself. The DH rather reluctantly joined me.

We've been at it for two days straight so far and have cleared out six bags of garbage plus six bags and one box destined for the charity shop. We've been to the dump once and to St. David's charity shop in Risca twice. St. David's isn't just the closest charity shop to us, it also raises money for hospice care. There's something right about the MIL's stuff going to help them out - she almost ended up there, after all, before we insisted that she come home.

The frustrating bit is that we've barely made a dent. We've cleared one wardrobe and about a foot of floor space. Seriously... This woman should have been on Hoarders. I've made a lot of progress in the rest of the house and the DH even cleared half of the garage but we've been avoiding her personal space - not just because it was her personal space but because shit was piled up above our knees! It's been a nightmare and my allergies are not thanking me. But, it does feel good to see progress being made.

When I spoke to my mom last night and told her what we were doing, her response was "Oh? And what are you turning the room into? A NURSERY?"


Seriously, Mom. I'm almost thirty. The DH is going to be 43. We've been married seven years. I think some ships have sailed.

Besides, my mom has 10 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids. What does she need me for?

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