Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rhiwderyn Craft Fayre

I mentioned a few posts ago that the DH and I made a trip to the Rhiwderyn Craft Fayre. (Which is where we were when poor Charlie got out of his cage.) Well, I picked up a few necklaces - mostly to use for photo shoots - while we were there. I wore one of them last night when we went out and it was a great fit.

I work with the lovely lady who makes them (and told me about the fayre). She says that she never gets to take photos before they're gone and, well, that's something I can help with! Check them out:

I can't wait to use this one for a shoot because it rests right on your collarbone - I know it'll look great!

The DH picked this one as his favourite.

This is the one I wore last night. It hangs right in my cleavage - just like it's suppose to! (I hope.)

Check out the butterfly on it. It has wings that actually "flap." I was endlessly amused.

I wish I had a fan page or etsy or something to link you to so you could see more of the artist's work but at the moment, there's nothing. I understand that's meant to change soon so when it does, I'll share!

What I love about these (aside from the fact that they're completely different from the style I normally make) is that they're light weight and comfortable. Since they'll probably adorn many models' necks, comfort is important!

Oh, and there's going to be another craft fayre in Rhiwderyn on the 21st of July. I mention it because I've asked if I can have a table. *eep* I have had a craft stall exactly once - back in highschool when a friend (A Shimmering Star's Jessica) and I sold hand made jewellery to raise money for Relay for Life.

(Ha! Do we look tired and cold? We were! I remember that we were also selling home made soaps. I wish I could remember how much we made...)

I'm really excited about this prospect. It's part of the healing process for me. My therapist has stressed the importance of me getting back in touch with the crafty part of me that's been forced into dormancy for too long. Plus... Fun!

Finally, please remember to SASA! That's Support A Starving Artist for those of you not in the know. ;) We're all doing our best to "make it" so let's show each other some support!


  1. These photos of us are precious! It was such a fun event.

    We made $96 and change...and gave 50 percent to the Relay for Life.

  2. I can't believe you remember that! :O Lol. It was great fun. Isn't that where your bother almost lit himself on fire? (Oh, wait... It may have been ME that almost lit myself on fire...)