Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kissing My 20's Goodbye: #1

(aka: A Hair Odyssey)

I have always (always) wanted to dye my hair blue - BUT the whole bleaching my hair thing put me off because, let's face it, my hair is not exactly in the best condition to start with. (We have a love/hate relationship, me and my hair.)

Since I'm embracing the last few days of being an irresponsible twenty-something (before becoming an irresponsible thirty-something) I thought I may as well just do it. After all... I could be dead tomorrow. As Buffy would say: Seize the day - 'cause tomorrow you could be dead.

Plus... My hair is all going to fall out when I get old anyway, right?

I had a whole lotta black still left in my hair from the last hair odyssey so we got a Colour B4 kit which was freaking expensive but promised to remove any dye from my hair. Did it work? Meh. Kind of. Looked like it did absolutely nothing until it dried and then, yeah, it stripped the colour but also made my hair look all gingery.

I know I haven't seen my natural hair colour in ten years but I wasn't a ginger ten years ago!

Not exactly the result I was hoping for from a £10 a box product.

I gave it a week then and conditioned the fuck out of it to keep from stressing it out too much. (Stress on my hair means crazy, frizzy, white girl afro. Not attractive.)  Then we bleached it.

Turns out, one box of bleach isn't enough on shoulder length hair. So basically it was just the front of my hair that went white and the rest went... Well... It's easier to show you:

WTF? Why does my hair keep going ginger?! Not cool. But I wasn't freaked out because I knew we were putting the blue straight in. Luckily, we bought two boxes of the blue - but only because the box said it only lasted a week. We used both boxes that night.

This is what it looked like with the dye still on:

Pretty cool, right? If only it STAYED that colour. Have a look at it once the dye was rinsed out:

Mer. Sure, it's blue. Kind of. A whole lot of it washed away the next day too. SO not the look I was going for. Total cost of a crappy dye job? £25. Uncool.

Now I have to wait for what's left of the blue to wash out - which looks like it will take more than a week. I think then we'll look to bleach the rest of it again (and hope it doesn't all fall out) so I can dye it a bright copper colour.

Hey, if I'm gonna be a ginger anyway I may as well do it right.


  1. I never did dye blue streaks into my hair in high school...

    It's hard to believe it's been ten years since we transferred to college. It was the beginning of a lot of changes, you know?

  2. For real. I can believe how much can happen in ten years.


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