Monday, 3 September 2012

Kissing my 20's Goodbye

Well, I have just 58 days left to enjoy being a twenty-something. How do I intend to spend them...? With these 20 Great Ways to Kiss my 20's Goodbye:

1. Dye my hair blue.
2. Do something really embarrassing.
3. Do something completely reckless.
4. Sing and dance in public.
5. Try absinthe.
6. Get blind, stinking drunk.
7. Be all emo and write a poem about turning 30.
8. Blog about the Big Three Oh.
9. Write an A-Z of turning 30.
10. Make a list of awesome stuff I did in my twenties.
11. Make a time capsule for my 40-year-old self.
12. Bake myself a cake.
13. Get baked.
14. Perform some serious Random Acts of Kindness. (Good Karma is never a bad thing.)
15. Thank my mom for giving birth to me. (And not killing me in my sleep.)
16. Tell all the people I ♥ that I ♥ them.
17. Go someplace I've never been.
18. Decide who I am...
19. ...And who I want to be.
20. Annoy all my friends and family by badgering them with questions about turning 30.


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