Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kissing My 20's Goodbye: #4 and #6

(aka: Yeehaw)

Jay's dad is visiting from China where he lives most of the year. It's always great to see him because he's full of stories and always makes us laugh. Basically, he's an older, less emo version of my husband.

We all decided that we would go out and play bingo as a family. On the way, Jay and I opted to stop at Kam Hong, our favourite Chinese takeaway, to get some chips & rice & curry sauce. The Chinese is in the town where Jay grew up which is about a half an hour drive so we don't get to have it very often.

(Nothing like chips & rice to soak up the alcohol. Nom.)
When we made it to Jay's nan's I was shocked to see Dulcie up and about, getting ready without any help. She was even using the hand that had no movement in it the last time I saw her. Have I mentioned that woman is my hero?
The bingo hall is a sad little building that's in constant danger of being shut down because it's not bringing in enough money. Jay says that twenty years ago it was "a fabulous place." Now, it just makes me sad: 

But that just proves that looks can be deceiving because everytime we've gone, we've had an excellent time - and last night was no exception!

We played several rounds of bingo. The old guy calling the numbers made me LOL because he kept shushing people like we were naughty school children. Heaven forbid your cellphone go off in the middle of a game! Ha.

Jay and his brother both had a "House!" last night and they each won £23. Not bad, eh? Me? I'm crap. I've never even come close to winning.

(Jay and his brother with their winnings.)
There was also entertainment. The first act was an Adele tribute and, frankly, not very good - not that it mattered because the backing track was so freaking loud you couldn't hear yourself think, much less her sing. The next band really made me laugh because it was a country & western band. They even had a banjo and a fiddle. Really.
But any band that opens with Rednex's 'Cotton Eyed Joe' can't be all bad. 

There was a whole lotta foot stompin' and thigh slappin' - and not just from me! Everyone was up on their feet at some point (except Jay and his brother who both appear to be allergic to dancing). Yup... Even I got up to dance for at least three songs! (Even Jay's nan was up and dancing.)

It was a really, really good night. We all had a blast.

Well, I thought we all had a blast. Turns out Jay had his grumpy pants on because he bitched all the way home. And when we got home. And when he came to bed. And when I tried to get him up so we could go have lunch with his family. The only time we get to go out for a meal (that isn't McDonald's) is when his dad is home from China. And I'm going to miss it. :( I really hate it when one person is determined to be a stick in the mud, don't you?

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