Saturday, 29 September 2012

Scarf - With Pockets!

Autumn is well underway which means that its time for cold mornings, bundling up, and SCARVES!

Crocheting (and knitting) is just more fun this time of the year. It isn't the same in the summer when you're all hot & sticky - not the time to tie yourself up in wool!

But it is now!

I got this yarn at Hobby Lobby on my last trip home (Because yarn here costs a fucking fortune - and what the hell is up with that anyway?! Sheep outnumber people in this country!) I was going to knit a scarf but I wasn't happy with the stitch and, anyway, I'm a better crotcheter than a knitter.

Once I started making this I decided that I wanted it to have pockets. To keep my hands warm? No... To have some place to put my Lip Smackers! :)

And I threw in a flower to break it up a bit.

Right. That's me sorted for a scarf. But I still fancy making more... Don't be surprised if you get a scarf for Yule this year!! :D

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