Friday, 28 September 2012

School Time Wondra

Class starts tomorrow! (Eep!)

I am happy because I'm already a week ahead in both classes but nervous because I know that won't last. Also, I have two weeks off work that happen to coincide with my first two essays being due. Is that good timing, or what?

I've made myself two promises for this semester:

1. I will go to the tutorials.
I didn't go to a single one last year because of all the stress and I know from experience that it helps with the essays. This is important!

2. I will NOT write essays while drunk.
Although some serious epiphanies were reached during drunken essay writing sessions last year, my scores were ever as high as I expected them to be. (And the essays were never as genius as they sounded with the benefit of alcohol.)

I want this to be my last year of university (at least until I decide to get my masters) so I need to knuckle down and be a good student!

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