Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tree of Life

I've always loved Tree of Life pendants. I received a great one from a swap on craftster many moons ago:

I never tried to make one myself because I figured I couldn't. It looked too complicated. Plus... Well... You know me. Give me a bunch of wire and there's a pretty good chance I'll poke my eye out. (Or someone else's!)

But I had oodles of wire that my parents gave me AGES ago and I thought... What the hell? I've gotta use it sometime. So I busted out my bead boxes (and safety goggles) and got to work! Here's what I came up with:

Wondra's Tree of Life pendant #1: 

Hey... That's not bad! The wire was a bit messy because I just did not have the patience to wrap it neatly. Also... I did mention that I'm a spaz, right?

I like it just the way it is, if I'm honest, but I throught I'd try it again and (hopefully) make it a bit neater.

Wondra's Tree of Life pendant #2:

I was really happy with that one! And the best part was when one of the girls at work said "Oh, it's an apple tree!" which is exactly what I was going for.

Now I'm just obsessed with making these!

Wondra's Tree of Life pendant #3: 

I was a bit bummed about this one because, when I showed the hubby, he said, "Is it a flower?"

What? No! It doesn't look like a flower... Does it? :(

I'm still not exactly a deft hand at the whole wire thing but I'm totally loving these pendants.


  1. I really like the apple tree.

    Maybe I should dig out that wire you gave me years and years ago...

  2. They're a lot of fun to make! :)