Wednesday 3 October 2012

Baby Clothes Recon!

Jay and I were having a discussion about clothes for doxies - which are expensive - and we started wondering if baby clothes would work. (With a few small alterations, of course.) So when we found a sale on baby clothes at ASDA, I decided it was time to try it.

We got this fleecey hoodie (first size) but it was too snug on Dylan's shoulders. 

 Also, he hates having anything on his head so the hood had to go.

I also needed to make a little room for Dylan's massive wang. (Of course!)

I cut everything out and pinned it up...

Then it was time to make some shoulder room. I cut a line down the back and inserted a panel of fabric from the hood.

All finished! :) The front:

The back:

And then it was time to try it on. I was worried that it wouldn't button in the front because of his massive chestage. (But it was all good.)

It fit perfectly! Dylan got so excited he ran straight to the door to go out and show off his new jacket!

A whole night's work but I'm happy with the results! :) Now Dylan can stay warm this winter!


  1. This is such a great idea! Dylan looks like he loves his new hoodie!

    1. He was definitely showing off! :) I can't wait to work on the onesies we got him!

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