Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm Batty About You!

Here's another baby shirt recon job for Dylan...

Started with a cute little (size 6-9 month) baby shirt:

(How freaking cute is that?!)

I put it on Dylan to see how it would fit. Pinned the sides because it was just a little too loose. Also noticed that the back (what would be the front for him) was too long. Not nearly enough wang room! So I took it off, make a few cuts and pinned up the rest:

The arms had to be cut off about halfway because Dylan's only got wee ickle legs. You'll also notice the extra "wang room" I made.

I got this particular shirt because of the neckline. I saw a post on craftster that said this type was best for dogs. The neck is extra wide. (Actually, I think maybe it's a tinsy bit too wide. I'm going to add clasps that can be done up after the shirt is on.)

On to the crafting bit... Midnight crafting while doing shots of Sailor Jerry and listening to rock music is the best. (Possibly not the safest, though.)

I have to sew everything by hand - no sewing machine for Wondra! (Boo!) But this came together really quickly. It took about three hours, from start to finish.

From the back:

And from the front:

It fit perfectly! Time for action shots:

(Look at me, Daddy, arne't I so cute?)

(This is my best angle, no?)

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