Saturday, 13 October 2012


There is no doubt that music is my release. When I'm happy, sad, frustrated, scared, or pissed off, I need music. Some people hear a good song, smile, and carry on with their day. Not me... It gets in my blood and fuels my soul.

I think there's something very witchy about music.

I sing and dance along to music - even music no one else can hear - any time, any where. It doesn't matter if I'm waiting at a bus stop, doing dishes, or stuck in a lift at work... If there's a song in my heart, it's trying to find a way to get out and I'm not ashamed of it.

Even if I have a voice meant for silent film and the coordination of a dying rhino. ;)


My obssession with music means I'm often trawling YouTube for something new to listen to - and I'll give anything a go: rap, country, metal, r&b, pop... anything. Music is music.

But that doesn't mean I don't occasionally find myself shaking my head and thinking, 'Wow. Am I really singing along to this band?' Like... Oh... For example 3OH!3.

Yup, that's this week's new obssession. These two songs in particular:

Why am I sharing this with you? Well... Because I felt the need to share it with someone and any conversation about music between me and my husband usually ends in tears or flying objects. (For real.) He's an old school goth and thinks that the only good music ever made came out of the 80's. (I know... Right?) He usually has a scowl on his face before I even hit "play" to share something with him.

But, if I share with you, and you don't like it, you can just wander away... No harm, no foul. :)

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