Thursday, 1 November 2012

Baby Clothes Recon #3

As you know, I've been picking up baby clothes on sale to turn into clothes for our miniature smooth haired daschund (aka: a dog and a half long, half a dog high). When I saw this Haloween onesie in ASDA I made an inappropriate "sqeee" kind of noise (yup, right there in the store) and snatched it up:

First thing's first, the arms and legs had to go...

Dylan's only got stubby ickle legs, after all.

Then I cut an oval out of the back of the onesie (which would be the bottom for him) and got to work stitching it all up.

With the oval cut out, Dylan has plenty of wang room:

This onesie was great because it already had a row of snaps along the inseam and crotch so, once Dylan had it on, I just popped one of the snaps and tada! room for his tail.

Dylan (being so vain) immediate ran to the door and waited to go for a walk so he could show everyone how handsome he was in his new suit!

(And, honestly... I'm not being mean "dressing him up." He's a short haired dog, we have no central heating, and it's winter. It would be mean if I didn't cover him up.)

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