Friday, 11 January 2013

CoD Playercards: Cookie Monster & Fozzie Bear

Jay promised to make muppety emblems for each of his friends. He made himself an Animal one and he made me both an Oscar the Grouch one and a Cookie Monster one:

So now I can switch between them, depending on my mood. (Most of the time, it's on Oscar. Lol.)

He also created an emblem for one of his best friends. I couldn't see how he would pull it off so I'm quite impressed with what he came up with:

Yup, it's Fozzie Bear!

I understand the Swedish Chef is next so stay tuned!


  1. I like the avatar's theme. What is the process? Are they drawn in a program and uploaded or created within the game?

  2. No! You get a set selection of shapes (you can earn extra ones in the game) and then you get like thirty or so layers... So you have to pile them on top of each other, alter the shapes and colours, change the opacity, etc. until it looks right... It's not easy!

    1. It sounds like a very time-consuming process. Do people sell them to each other?

  3. Hah. No... I think lots of people put tutorials up on YouTube but I've never heard of anyone making money off them. That'd be nice, though! Each one takes about an hour! (I've made a special request for Darkwing Duck and Count Duckula!)


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