Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Song for Sunday: Adam Ant - Cool Zombie

When I first heard this song, I didn't like it one bit. I'm more than willing to admit that it was nothing but my own prejudices getting in the way; I was expecting something more like Prince Charming or maybe Wonderful. Cool Zombie is neither, of course.

But then Adam isn't the person he was 20 years ago or the person he was 30 years ago - so why should his music be the same as it was then? Even with that in mind, I might not have given Cool Zombie another chance if Jay hadn't asked if I'd watched the video for it. My reply was something along the lines of, "Pah. Why would I? Pile of..." and his was, "Watch it."

So I did. And it floored me.

The kind of place a lost soul could hide...

Whoa. The video makes this song, just for the occasional knowing look from Adam that makes me think that fighting (Fighting? Finding? Maybe both...) yourself isn't any easier at 50 than it is at 30. (Of course, I might be reading too much into it but I don't think the man himself would mind what I'm reading into it, as long as I'm getting something from it, eh?) I love the imagery of the video as well, this weird combination of pure Southerness mixed with old school Rule Britannia - and the odd bit of latex, of course!

There are definitely hints of Tennessee in the flavour of Cool Zombie that lie beside the more subtle tribal beats of yore. It makes me want to get up and dance - even as it brings a tear to my eye and that is what makes Adam Ant's Cool Zombie a great song.

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