Friday, 15 February 2013


Jay got, for Valentine's Day, a complete tattooist's kit. Because he wants to pursue a new career and I just happen to be the best wife ever.

Since we're on the topic, I thought I'd share the one and only tattoo I have:

 (How strange is it that instead of digging through folders of photos, I can just google it?)

Yes, that's a Scorchio. I've only met one other person with a neopets tattoo. She had a faerie aisha.

I didn't enjoy the experience of getting a tattoo. Some people are addicted to the pain. I, however, am a pussy and almost passed out. Twice. That being said, I plan on getting my second tattoo this year, a symbol of the Triple Goddess. I want something like this:

The third and final tattoo will wait until I'm 50 - and then I'm pulling a Juel.

Anywho. Like I was saying... Jay is looking to get into tattooing and could use a bit of advice... If you're in the biz, get in touch!

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