Thursday, 7 February 2013

Needle Felting: Triforce

Being thousands of miles away from your besties doesn't mean not spending time with them. Luckily, I have free international calls and Skype so I can talk to my friends back home pretty much whenever I want. It takes the edge off being so far from home and helps keep a bit of the madness at bay.

Wednesday night craft dates with Jess from a Shimmering Star have become a sort of ritual. We chat, craft, and have the odd adult beverage. This craft project came from such a night.

This is actually the second attempt at a needle felted triforce because, on the first go, I had slightly more to drink while wielding a pointy object than I should have. (Don't let your friends drink and poke!) This attempt is much better:

I'm happy with it! What do you think? This mini hoop is going on my hoopla wall, for sure!

It was born of "Aw, crap. I'm outta felt. What'll I do instead? Oooh... Look! A pack of wool for needle felting. That'll do!" - which proves the saying that necessity is the mother of invention entirely true. Incidentally... I have enough left for possibly two more of these little fellows. Remember that I'm open to all forms of bribery! :)

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