Sunday, 10 February 2013

The I ♥ to Blog Giveaway!

Well... I did promise that I got to 10k visitors, Wondra's World would have itself a giveaway and, guess what... We finally did it!

So a great big thanks to everyone who's stopped by over the last few years. You're, like, AMAZING. :) You really know how to pick a girl up, ya know?

And as a token of my appreciation, I have this wee trinket from Kawartha Beads to give away:

It's easy to enter. Just get clicky:

I ♥ to Blog Giveaway

Remember: The giveaway won't last long. It'll be all over by Valentine's Day so enter now!

Thanks again, folks!


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    1. Thanks! Did you like the questions? They were to amuse you, of course!