Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Things That Make Ya Go...


Yup. Pretty much my reaction when my boss showed me The Harlem Shake yesterday. (On his phone, obviously, not just randomly freaking out in the office - but how cool would that be? I'd love to see all the managers at my place doing the Harlem Shake.)

Apparently this is a You Tube sensation that has been around for a while? First I've heard (or seen) of it. But then... I'm like a granny already, staying at home with my knitting and a good book while the rest of the world is out hitting the clubs. I can live with being out of the loop for a whole week. ;)

The song itself is by Baauer and actually isn't bad - you know, for dance music. The videos are... Well...

Just watch them. Seriously. Watch them all. Won't take long, they're only thirty seconds or so. It's worth a few minutes of your life, trust me.

This one is by far my favourite, just for the little girl with the doll:

WTF, right? I still "don't get it" either but the more I watch them, the harder I laugh. I'm starting to suspect that I'm actually laughing at my own stupidity but that's okay too.

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