Monday, 1 April 2013

A Song for Sunday: Tokio Hotel - Pain of Love

This week I want to share a song that was a total surprise for me: "Pain of Love" by Tokio Hotel.

I came across this song almost completely by accident. A friend shared this photo of the band's lead singer, Bill Kaulitz on twitter and I was, naturally, intrigued. (Come on... Yum!) Even though that friend is, in her own words, a total "raging fangirl" over this band, I'd never heard of them. So I popped "Tokio Hotel" into You Tube and followed the first link that caught my eye.

What a nice surprise! "Pain of Love" has an almost hypnotic rhythm and a smooth sound. The lyrics are simple but catchy. The video had me enthralled because of its darkly tragic story - I'm sure I watched it the first time with my mouth wide open.

The band's sound can only be described as '80's Goth reborn. With that in mind, I sat the hubby down and played this song for him and - surprise! - he liked it. How often does that happen?? Music that my husband and I both like is very rare!

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