Monday, 18 March 2013

Meme of the Week

This week, you get the meme that launched a rant:

As you can tell, I'm not crazy about Pope Francis I. You can say whatever you want about him wanting to make the church a "poor church" blah blah blah - but until he wants to end bigotry and hate too, I don't like him. I admit, he's never been part of the Hitler Youth (like his predecessor) but that doesn't make him good. He's already come out with too many backwards comments to make me ever approve of him.

(And, hey people, he's Argentinian... so when shit hits the fan between Britain and Argentina over The Falklands, whose side do you think he'll pick? Just sayin'...)

Anyway, he wins this week because one of my uncles took offense over that meme and tried to lecture me about the only right and true, God approved, man-on-woman marriage. Hey, Unc - I'm bisexual, remember? And many of my friends are pagan, bisexual, or gay too. And that's why he got himself unfriended.

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