Friday, 29 March 2013

The Week We Stayed In.

Jay's best friend took his family on vacation to Minehead this past week. That meant that Jay wouldn't be going over to his house on Monday and Wednesday nights, like he normally would. We decided to take advantage of this and have a week "in." I cancelled all my plans as well so we could get in some much needed quality time.

I have to admit that I was dubious. I was a little worried that we would get on each other's nerves before the end of the week but that didn't happen. We spent the whole week staying up late while we talked, watched telly, fooled around, and played games. We even took turns doing the chores and cooking dinner. It was a really nice change and a welcome relief from the massively shit week I had at work.

It was really good to have that reminder of why we got together in the first place. I know that it can't last - aside from the fact that we both have our own lives to lead, Jay's best friend will be back today. Back to normal. But I'm feeling better and more optimistic about our relationship than I have in a long while. My hope is that, although we can't commit the same amount of time we did this week, we can keep some of the laughter and fun - which is something that has been sorely lacking lately.

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  1. Sometimes staying in is a nice change. I'm glad you got a chance to share the time with Jay, but I cannot wait until our next Wednesday Night Skype! ;)


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