Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How we spent our Spring Break.

Jay and I spent most of our long weekend watching Babylon 5 but, on Easter Sunday, we bundled up the doggies (I can't believe it's SPRING and it's still so cold!) and went for a long walk.

We went to one of my favourite local places: The Old Burial Ground. Not as creepy as it sounds! It's actually a very peaceful, serene place. The Burial Ground is where the men and boys who died in the collapse of The Black Vein mine way back when are buried. It's surrounded by tall grass and forest, with a great view of the mountains across.

Of course, after the long, hard winter we had this year, it hasn't exactly sprung back to life yet but it was still very pretty. And the mutts enjoyed themselves! (In case you're wondering or offended or whatever, no we don't let the dogs into the cemetery itself. That would be rude.)

We all would have enjoyed ourselves a lot more - but it seemed like everyone in South Wales had the same idea we did! A family was leaving just as we were arriving and, barely half an hour later, another family (with great big dogs!) arrived. Our trip was cut short but the fresh (if slightly nippy) air did us all good.

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