Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How We Spent Our Weekend.

Now that it's warming up a bit the doggies can go out for longer walks. (Poor short haired babies.) We wandered over to the fields surrounding The Burial Grounds again this weekend to take advantage of the nice weather.

Dylan is a pain in the butt in cars because he whines the whole trip. Blodwyn is very good; she just sits on my shoulders and watches the world go by. They were both happy to get out and have a run when we got there. We plonked ourselves down and let them have a good wander.

Blodwyn the Bloody Naughty managed to wiggle out of her collar and her shirt within two minutes of getting out of the car. Dylan gets very excited when he sees his clothes because he knows it means he's going for walkies. I guess Blod hasn't figured it out yet.

Even though it's been sunny all week, the walk up to The Burial Ground was not exactly dry.

Jay and I both got what he calls "booters" but it was worth it to see the dogs running up and down the field.

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