Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Scent of Spring.

I don't claim to be a health and beauty guru - but I know what I like. Bath & Body Works products, though difficult to get here in the UK, have been my favourite choice for hand and body lotions since I was a teenager. I have favourite scents for Autumn (Spiced Pumpkin - yum!), for Winter (Vanilla Bean!), for Summer (Cucumber Melon!) - but, until recently, I never really had a favourite scent for Spring.

A few months ago, my mom sent a... few bottles of Bath & Body Works lotions.

Did I say a few? I meant A FUCKING BUTTLOAD. (Epic Mom Win.)

Among the hundred or so bottles I received were my usual favourites - but also some I didn't even know had come out because it's been way too long since I've been able to hit up a Bath & Body Works store. A couple had to be given away as gifts to fellow junkies ("Hello. My name is Wondra and I have a problem.") and a few had to be sold to make up the cost of getting the Royal Mail to release them (money hungry bastards!) but the rest were all fair game.

Two of my new favourite scents for Spring are Pink Chiffon and Carried Away. It's hard to choose but I think Pink Chiffon is my favourite of the two. Carried away is sweeter (must be the whipped vanilla) but Pink Chiffon is more feminine (I love the hint of pear.)

I love both of these scents. I'm not very fond of the traditional scents, though. Scents like Cherry Blossom and Wild Honeysuckle are either too bland or too old for me. I think they're more suitable for older women. Another range that is suitable for Spring that I do like is the Paris range.

Sweet on Paris is my absolute favourite because it smells like candy. Seriously. (Or, "pure sugar" as Jay would say.) Paris Nights is next. It's also very sweet but also a little powdery and is perfect for Spring nights. A fresh, fruity scent for Spring mornings is Paris Amour. And, finally, there's Paris in Bloom which is probably the "oldest" scent of the four. It's light and floral with just a hint of pear- suitable, I think, for women of any age. I absolutely adore this range and hope I can get some more next year. (Hint, hint. Lol.)

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