Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Crafts and Crafting: Captain America Mitts

I had so much fun making these Iron Man mitts that I just had to make another pair. But, this time, I wanted to make a Captain America pair...

The pattern that I used for the mitts was good but a few small changes made it even better. I altered the way it was joined, removed some unnecessary slipstitches, and added some decreases and they turned out a lot neater.

The stars were trial and error. Eventually I came up with a design that worked out the right size and... Ta da! Captain America mitts!

These are easy to make (maybe two hours, start to finish) and fit perfectly. The pattern works well for men and plus size girls but would be baggy on smaller people.

One of these days  - like when I've not got two assignments due - I'll work up the pattern to share.


  1. You inspire me. I love the playfulness of your crafting, and how prolific you are despite work and school!

    a Shimmering Star

    1. That's funny because I feel like I never craft anymore! I wish I had more TIME.


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