Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Song for Sunday: John Newman - Love Me Again

Today's Song for Sunday is one that I didn't immediately love when I first watched the video on You Tube.

I didn't immediately love "Love Me Again" by John Newman but something did strike me as interesting. I saved it and came back to it a couple of weeks later and found I did absolutely love it. I guess you could say it grew on me.

The thing that I first noticed about the video itself is that the building its set in reminds me of the welfare club where we play bingo. Sad, but true. Lol. And, if you make it to the end of the video, there's a bit that made my jaw just about hit the floor.

This is definitely a dancing song - but the lyrics aren't just empty prattle. I love these lines: It's unforgivable, I stole and burned your soul/Is that what demons do?/They rule the worst of me, destroy everything/They bring down angels like you. This song appeals to the darker part of my soul, even as it makes me smile.

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