Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Autumn 2013 Bucket List

I can't believe Autumn has rolled around again already. It seems like the rest of the year has simply flown by and I've missed so many opportunities to do something out of the ordinary and special. I won't let that happen this Autumn! I've made a list of all the things I want to do, to make every minute of my Autumn epic:

1. Pick my own apples. There's a pick-your-own farm very close to where I work and it would be a shame if I didn't do this.
2. Make apple cider. I never realized how easy this is to do. I've been craving apple cider already so this is going to be happening very soon.
3. Bake a pie. I've never baked a pie before. Ever. So it's about time I did!
4. Make caramel apples. Mmm.... Caramel apples. I might try one of the neat inside out caramel apples that are on Pinterest.
5. Have apple butter. It doesn't matter if I make it myself or if someone back home who really loves me sends me some. *hint,hint* 
6. Make home made apple sauce. I make excellent apple sauce, if I do say so myself.
7. Visit a pumpkin patch. Or at least a farm selling pumpkins.
8. Carve pumpkins. I keep threatening to make my husband buy me 31 pumpkins so I can carve one every day of October. He thinks I'm joking... Lol.
9. Bake pumpkin seeds. I can't let the autumn pass without doing this; we both love them so much!
10. Eat candy corn until I feel sick. It's strange living in a country where you don't see piles of candy corn in every store you visit.
11. Make home made soup. I've never done this before, either, but Autumn seems like the perfect time for it!
12. Enjoy a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Or two. Or twelve.
13. Have a coffee date with a friend. I can't remember the last time I did this. It's a perfect time for catching up!
14. Make s'mores. Seriously. The graham crackers might be a problem, though.
15. Bake Fall cookies. What's better on a chilly day than a melt-in-your-mouth cookie, straight from the oven?
16. Hand out Halloween candy. Even if it's just to work colleagues. (We don't get trick-or-treaters.)
17. Start a blessing jar. I saw this on Instagram and thought it was a great idea. We are so blessed, even if we don't always see it. I hope this will help me be more grateful for the good things in my life.
18. Send a letter to an old friend. Snail mail. I lose touch too often, and too easily. I need to start setting this right.
19. Take a long walk. Enjoy the changing leaves, the crisp wind, and the golden glow that come with Autumn.
20. Take a scenic drive - with no destination. With petrol prices so high these days we never just go out to go out. It would be lovely to drive around and see how the changing season has affected the rest of the country - if we get the chance.
21. Spend a night watching scary movies. Time to cuddle up under a warm blanket and scare the crap out of ourselves!
22. Watch a football game. A real football game, not that pussy sport where you can't touch each other. 
23. Play in the rain. Autumn in Britain is definitely the rainy season. Inside of staying dry, I'll head out and act like a big kid again.
24. Stay warm in flannel. Flannel is so snuggly and warm and it just screams cold weather.
25. Play in the leaves. I love the crunch of fallen leaves and I can't help kicking them up as I walk.
26. Leaf art. Instead of just sticking them in a big old book, it's time to get creative...
27. Photograph the leaves. Although we don't get the vibrant reds and oranges that I'm used to, Wales in Autumn is still beautiful.
28. Write poetry. I always get a little more poetic this time of the year.
29. Knit. I'm not a particularly skilled at knitting but now is the time to practice. Hope everyone wants scarves for the holidays! Lol.
30. Crochet. I wish I had about a million crocheted blankets for me and the doggies to snuggle under. I should work on that.
31. Visit a craft fayre/farmer's market. Support local artists, crafters and farmers this Autumn!
32. Dress up. I always plan to dress up for Halloween but it doesn't always happen. This year, it will - even if I'm not going anywhere!

It sure looks like a pretty big list - but it would be a whole lot longer if I was at home, with hayrides, haunted houses, and bonfires to be enjoyed.  

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