Thursday, 1 August 2013

Farewell to Summer

I cannot express how happy I am that today is August 1st, known to witches as Lughnasadh (or Lammas). It marks the first harvest of the year and heralds the end of Summer.

Can I get an "oorah?"

I'm not a big fan. When you suffer from migraines that are triggered by light and heat, the season loses much of its charm. Britain is fairly good to me; the summers are typically mild. But, when those "glorious" summer days that every one else yearns for finally do roll around, I normally spend them being ill and/or miserable.

This summer was a hard one. We had a record number of scorchingly hot, sunny days - which just had to coincide with FIVE WEEKS of menstruation. It was my own personal hell.

That being said, I didn't spend the whole summer hiding under the covers in bed, praying for Autumn (though this did happen on occasion.) Jay and I did get to visit the coast a few times.

Rest Bay in Porthcawl is one of my favourite places in Wales. There's a peace and tranquility there that you don't find anywhere else. You can see why it was chosen as the location for a convalescent home; it certainly made me feel better every time I visited.

This summer I came across something I've never seen before: a living star fish!

The tide was really in that day and there was an abundance of the little fellows about.

Rest Bay is a popular place for surfers too. It's always fun to watch them have a go. Jay doesn't trust me on a surf board (and with good reason!) and I haven't been able to talk him into kayaking with me yet. (Yet. I'm still hoping to work my magick on him one day...)

Down the road a little in Porthcawl there's a permanent fairground called Coney Beach. Coney Beach has fun rides and arcades and its own stretch of beach (that I avoid because there are always donkeys on it. I don't know if I'm allergic to donkeys, but I'm not willing to find out.) We didn't go on any of the rides this summer but we did enjoy several games in the arcades. I even made Jay win me a stuffed toy!

Well... I say win. After three really bad goes, the guy let him buy it instead! It still counts, if you ask me! :)

Looking back, it wasn't an awful summer. Just difficult. I spent a whole month studying for my exams and, although it was really stressful, I got good grades on them both so it was worth it. I was sick for a long time but, if I hadn't been, they wouldn't have found out that I have an under active thyroid and begin treatment for that. Plus, Jay and I did get to spend a lot of time together, thanks to my illness, and sometimes a relationship needs that.

No, it wasn't a completely awful summer - but I sure am glad to see it go!

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