Tuesday, 13 August 2013

On birth. And death.

Maggie and Eddie have given us two baby chinchillas in the last year: Snowball and Crash. Snowball has already gone to a good home and Crash is just about to go up for sale. (We just don't have the space, time, or money to keep so many chinchillas.) Just as we were thinking that it was time for Crash to go, we had a little surprise.

Make that two little surprises.

It's funny that one is the same colour as Maggie (grey) and one is the same as Eddie (tan). Since we won't know their sexes for a while yet, it was difficult to name them. After some deliberation we decided to call them Boris and Doris. (Yes, we have been watching True Lies.)

Sadly, since writing the above, we have lost the grey chinchilla. Jay went to feed them at night and found her under their bath hut, dead. We don't know what exactly happened but we're sad to have lost one of our twins.

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